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About Larry S. Barber

For over 35 years Larry has helped individuals, couples, teams and organizations navigate conflict and build productive patterns of communication.  During this time Larry has built a reputation for his keen observation, insight, and honest approach to working with people.  Larry uses his experience and teaching tools to help people learn from conflict, rather than avoid it.  Leaders, teams, and organizations say that through their work with Larry they’re able to build mutual trust and increase productivity. 

Loren Hagerty, Executive Director of SALTS, describes the transformative results of Larry’s work with his organization,

Larry’s work with us has transformed our organizational culture and particularly how our leadership and different teams interact with each other. When conflict arises, instead of finding blame with others we now have the tools and a framework that enable each of us to personally learn from the conflict and take individual responsibility.

Larry received his Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology in 1984 from the Professional School of Psychological Studies in San Diego, California.